Friday, April 6, 2012

and it finally comes to a close....

So we went to Oberndorf where this silent chapel is. I was told from the beginning that we were going to be going to this and I assumed that it would be awesome, since it was a big thing they were advertising about for this study abroad, but as we were there and learning about it it turns out that at one time these two guys wrote and performed silent night in this church and then because of the war or something the church was no more and they built a tiny chapel on top of where it was and that is what the silent night chapel was.

After that we went to this lake where Mahler had a tiny hut where he composed music and that was pretty cool. It would be fun and way undistracting to just go off into a little hut and work there. The lake was also very beautiful. That night I finished my Music 202 Journal and therefore I am officially on summer vacation!

The next day we went to Mathausen which is a concentration camp and it was really cool actually seeing it and walking around it. There were barracks and this cliff/quarry place where they worked and also the gas chambers which were a bit sad to see, especially after having just watched boy in the striped pajamas. It was really cool and I am glad I got the chance to see it all.

We also went to this Abbey in Melk (not milk) and it was pretty cool with the most beautiful church I have seen yet (which is saying a lot, since I have seen more catholic churches than mormon) It was Baroque, big and beautiful. We then made our way back to Vienna and I quickly said my farewells to the group of 25 that I have spent A TON of time with and made my way home to do my laundry and I leave tomorrow afternoon for paris on a night train...hopefully that's where I end up to!

I'm really excited to see Paris and I'm so happy to be done with school, but I will miss Vienna SO MUCH!! I also was so glad to visit the concentration camp, but now I feel so conflicted. I suppose I should just be happy that I'm not a jew in WWII and that I was able to get the chance to see the wonders of Vienna and then be happy to finally see ma muther and PARIS!

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