Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hiking the Alps

So today we went to a chamber music concert and it was good, but rather warm and it was a bit hard not falling asleep. We also took the bus to this cable car thing and we went up in it and all the way up this mountain and then we got off and we could walk/hike up this mountain and to the peak and it was SOOOOooooOOOO awesome! There's been a lot of things on this trip where I've had to say if we just did that it would've been worth it all and this is definitely one of those things. My shoes weren't the best, but they were better than some of the girl's Toms. My boots were soaking and a couple days ago the zipper fell off and so I zipping it up is a new adventure every time. I love them, but they have definitely lived a long and thorough life, so I'm considering giving them a fitting funeral and leaving them here. I officially have gone through 16 batteries with my crappy camera and I was seriously considering throwing it off the side of the cliff as it went through another pair and I wish that I could have gotten better quality pictures as I was up there, but this is the best I could do.

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