Thursday, April 12, 2012

Versailles and Notre Dame

Yesterday morning, after sadly finding out that my mom's wallet was pickpocketed, we made our way to Versailles. It was huge and beautiful and put Schoenbrunn to shame. The hall of mirrors was a lot bigger than I was expecting and the grounds were huge and gorgeous. After a bit of a hike we made our way to Marie Antoinettes hut thing where she pretended to be a shepherdess and that was really pretty. Unfortunately, the weather turned on us and it started raining and we very speedily walked back to the Metro station, barely making it before it started poaring. We went to this souffle place for dinner and it was really good. I got some lamb with these really good potatos and of course some souffle and I got banana and chocolate (best combination this planet has to offer) and it was divided in half and delicious.
The next day we went to Saint Chapelle, which was a very long line to get into and it was VERY tiny. It had a ton of stained glass, so it was still worth it, but it just was the tiniest church I have been in. We then got some lunch and I FINALLY ordered a croque monsieur which I have been waiting to do, since my highschool french class which is one of the main french words I know, besides clothing, which has come into useful as we are pressing our noses against the glass of these tiny expensive shops and we look at where it says everything is priced and worth thousands of euros. We then went to Notre Dame and up the tower and it was cool seeing all the gargoyles and bell tower, unfortunately Quasimodo was not to be seen, but we got to see the city and it even managed not to rain. Mom was pretty tired of lines after that, but I managed to drag her to one more line of going inside Notre Dame and it was well worth it being big and awesome. We then went to this vintage store that was huge and cool looking through everything and then we came home and crashed.

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