Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm blown away!

So I broke down and finally bought one of those deliciously looking cinnamon rolls from the Anker bakery that we always pass and it was delicious. I also went on one of the 6 out of 8 walking tours I still have to do. It wasn't as cold as the ones before, but as you can see it was very windy and we got lost a lot. We did manage to see a cool cellar that was once a church, but now is a cellar of some peasant costume store. It was really random, because it is a self led tour and the paper told us to just go in and ask to see their basement, it was rather odd.

We also saw the place that Beethoven died and I saw some chocolate that had some dried tomatoes and olives on it...gross! There was a cool stairway that we had to go up and then we saw the Vienna University which was pretty awesome and I'm way jealous. Plus there was an awesome statue of a guy punching a horse...they know how to make them here!

Finally, after walking into three different Aida bakery's with no success of finding Esterhaazy torte, which they apparently eat here on Valentines day, I found one! I had to pretend that I was eating it on Valentine's day, but that wasn't too difficult and it was pretty good, with some nuts and jam and frosting.

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