Monday, February 20, 2012

Nameless Graves, Ice Skating and the Phil

So I don't have any pictures to go with any of these epic stories, sadly, but I know pictures were taken, so hopefully they get on Facebook or somehow in my possession.

So Saturday, I went to a concert in the afternoon with the Vienna Philharmonic where they played Sibelius' Symphonies 7, 5, and 1. They were you never heard anything as beautiful in your life and it is just a completely different experience. The concert was pretty lengthy, but it didn't feel like ten minutes passed and that's saying a lot since I bought a 5 euro ticket where I stood in the back with about a billion other people and it got pretty stuffy. I played Symphony 5 with the Philharmonic back in November, so I knew what the cellos were playing and what it should sound like and loved loved LOVED the symphony when I played it with the orchestra and now it's just set in stone as my favorite symphony. It's like candy for your ears, which makes no since, but totally what it feels like.

I also went ice skating at rathaus which is AWESOME! I pinned a picture of it a long time ago and was way excited to experience it, because it's right in front of the rathaus which is just a giant cool building and it has all these colored lights and it had cool music, which was just american music and this song...Ai se eu te Pego by: Michel TelO which they play ALL THE TIME! Whenever I'm in the grocery store too. It's the stupidest song ever, but I guess they have to have the variety of life and not just American music.

Anyways the ice skating was fun and I only completely wiped out once, which I have a major bruise on my knee from. I was pretty bad at it to start off, but near the end it was just a breeze and it was a lot of fun, because they have these ice pathways through this park and it was way cool with trees lighted and it was immense fun and even thought it cost almost three times what it was to see the philharmonic it was definitely worth it.

So today, Monday, I went to this shoe store and got the cutest heels and oxfords and spent under 25 Euro! Totally cute and awesome!

Also today, I went with this group of girls to go see these "Nameless Graves" and we took a bus to get there and when we got off we didn't know for sure where to go. So we walked a lot and it was along this canal and it was cool and didn't feel like Vienna, but like Huck was about to show up. We went by this abandoned house and it was pretty creepy and while these girls were up and looking in it we found this car just parked in the same area and there was creepy guys in it and no one else around it was pretty much the creepiest experience I ever had and when we finally managed to vacate the area we were talking with the girls and I asked them about these "nameless graves" thinking they were of like soldiers in a battle or something, but turns out they're dead bodies that show up floating downstream in the canal. CREEPY. So long story short we didn't ever find the graves, but we did find a foresty area that totally looked like Hamlet and we found a marked grave that was named with a giant headstone. It was an adventure.

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