Monday, February 13, 2012

Mcmuffins, Giant Snails and Faust

So I went back to the Kunsthistorches museum and I saw some Vermeer paintings and an albrecht durer painting, I
think, which was pretty cool since I just learned about them last semester in Music 201. I also finally made it to Mcy D's and finally got an egg mcmuffin, but it sadly was not as good as in the U.S. the ham was like in french fry form and the cheese was far from melted.

I made it to the natural history museum which I found out I get into for free along with a ton of other museums, because I'm under 19...never thought I would be happy to say I'm still 18! There was Sid from Ice Age there and also Kevin from Up, but Kevin was missing some vital organs there...

There was some Jurassic Park inspiring bugs in amber and a ton of giant snails. The snails started going extinct during the rise of France...barf, jk. There was also a dinosaur bone that made it's way all the way from Utah.

The last picture is of the house that we went to on Saturday night with Gerda(our hostess) It was a house concert and had a ton of old people. The performers were a violinist and pianist and they were actually pretty good.

On Friday, I went to the opera Faust, which was AMAZING! There was a violin solo that changed me was just fantastic. It's crazy, because none of it is put with a microphones and you can hear everything perfectly even though it is in a huge room and everything just sounds better. Gerda had an extra ticket, so we sat in a box, three people in, so it took partially obscured to a new level. You could only see the singer about half the time, but it was still really nice sitting down and I switched with Aly halfway through and was able to see everything. On the way to our box we rode an elevator that had a person that was the button pusher, so that was pretty cool until we tried to get six people into this tiny elevator and he was far from being needed. On our way home we were really glad Gerda was there, because the U-4 broke down AGAIN, so we took a bus partway and then were able to get a taxi for the rest.

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