Thursday, February 9, 2012

Krapfen, Haydn, and Sachar Torte

So it finally decided to snow in Vienna and it is awesome, but is not at the same time. When it first fell it was a ton of fun to plow through, because it was glittering and was just dust-like, but then the next day it was just like real snow. I was on the U-bahn (the subway) and there was a german announcement and then the next stop everyone got off, but it wasn't the last, so I was forced to get off and I was kind of left stranded. Thankfully Aly was at the stop and we took a street car and it stopped the stop before our u-bahn stop, so we had to ask this lady for directions and she just pointed in the direction that we go and we started walking. It was FREEZING and after a bit we were lost again, but thankfully I saw a sign for Merkur which is a grocery store next to our stop, so we followed the signs for it and made it home.

I had a delicious chocolate krapfen that was like a chocolate filled donut. I also went to orchestra on Tuesday and the u-bahn by my house was not going, because it was the first snow of the year and it is also way cold and they apparently always have issues with the first snow of the year. So I had to figure out how to get to the other u-bahns by street car and I ended up going the wrong way and then I got on the right way and got to the station and then waited for the girl that was going with me and then we finally left and we somehow managed to miss our stop three times. After much effort we finally got to the place and found this beautiful empty room.

On Wednesday, we went to Eisenstadt and saw where Haydn worked which was a building called Esterhazy and supposedly is almost as great as Versailles. I got a picture of a picture of Haydn. I also got a picture of a baryton, an instrument that doesn't exist anymore, but he wrote a ton of concertos for and Janey, the little girl and daughter of the director of our group, was very interested in it.

I managed to get a picture in with my broski Josef.

There was this big auditorium where they hold concerts in Esterhazy. In the souvenir shop there was an invention that would make math slightly more bareable, called a choculator, you can find anything in souvenir shops!

I got a picture of the temple in the Esterhazy gardens and then I got a picture of the back of Esterhazy and then the very yellow front of Esterhazy. We went to the church where Haydn wrote music for and played in and it was a very unique outside and then the inside had cool frescos that I got a picture of.

Finally, we saw where haydn is resting now, with his body AND head are. Apparently when he was first buried someone stole his head to do medical studies on and then some art museum got a hold of it and they had it for awhile until like 1930's and then some guy made this awesome place for Haydn and after much debate they finally got the head back and I got a picture of them putting the skull on his body. I also got a picture of where Haydn was before without his head and they managed to spell his name wrong.

Best of all, I managed to FINALLY have some sachar torte!! Daydreaming about it for weeks has finally paid off and I got it for cheap in a bakery in Eisenstadt and it was definitely different than I imagined. It's pretty much chocolate cake with apricot jam on each layer. I still prefer Costco's chocolate cake over it which is kind of sad to say, but also pretty good, because that is definitely more available.

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