Tuesday, February 28, 2012

343 steps of Stephansdom

I have spring break this week and as everyone has deserted me for far off lands I have decided to party it up here in Vienna. I went on a walking tour yesterday morning with a couple girls that aren't leaving until Thursday. I got some good pictures, but I decided that there's just way too many pictures from walking tours and they are of a slight boringness, so I might just load them in bulk on fb or I'll just put it off until I never do anything with them. After we all parted ways I went and climbed the 343 steps of St.Stephans cathedral (7X7X7=343) it was tiring, but the weather was great and the view was awesome. I love this city and I'm glad I'm staying so I can spend as much time here as I can and save some mula as well. It had windows along the way with no glass so the wind blew my hair everywhere.

I got bored climbing down so I got a picture of me totally wiping out...

Later, I went to an orchestra rehearsal where we played some Magic Flute and a Shubert symphony and I was waiting for the U-Bahn home when it just was not coming and I was waiting forever. Then a train came on the other track than the one I was waiting for and it was creeping really slow and it was going THE WRONG DIRECTION! I was confused if I should go over and get on it and so I walked up to a couple and asked them if they spoke english and then what the heck was going on and they had no idea. So the train just creeped me out and it just reminded me of the train to hell. Needless to say I decided to wait for the next one that would be coming on the right track and the couple I was talking with decided to go wait on the otherside to wait for the other train that would be on the same track as the train that was going in the wrong direction, but one that was going in the right direction. Sadly for them the train that were originally waiting for came a minute after they left and they didn't attempt to make it in time. I'm the only one in the group that has had this much trouble with Subways...pretty soon no one is going to ride them when I'm on it, because I'm such bad luck.

I also am now spider food and have a ton of bites including 13 on one arm! If anyone knows how to kill those suckers with limited resources that would be awesome.

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