Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Jam and Whitney Houston

I'm guessing the Austrians care more about Whitney Houston than the Americans, because they had a big section about her on the morning radio and then they had her on the front page in the newspaper and then we also had a big discussion about her with the German teacher.

So on Saturday my hands were freezing like they always are here and I went to the outdoor marketplace and saw these awesome leather gloves, then I went to H&M and couldn't find anything so I went all the way back and bought these leather gloves that were nice and warm. Then Monday rolls around and I'm sitting on the U-Bahn and took my gloves off and my stop comes and I get up to leave and as I'm walking outside I realize my hands are pretty cold and I look down to see no leather gloves. I totally was an idiot and had them on my lap and they just fell down as I got up. There was also a guy sitting next to me who I'm sure saw the whole thing and didn't mention it...totally an Austrian thing to do and SO annoying! So I have to wait and then call the U-Bahn place up later and see if they showed up in lost and found which I would highly guess they haven't. It's actually okay though, because the weather has lightened up a lot and it's not as bitter cold as it was before.

On Monday and Tuesday I went to a rehearsal of the Vienna Philharmonic, because I took a lesson from a member of them and he emailed me their rehearsal schedule. They were SOOO great, like words couldn't even describe. The sound that emanated from that room was literally flawless and heavenly.

A month ago I bought tickets to go see Awolnation which I was WAY excited for and I found out the morning of the concert (Tuesday) that they canceled their concert until June, which is not very helpful to me. I can get my money back though so that's nice. Hopefully I can see them sometime in the states.

Also on Tuesday I went to the Upper Belvedere and saw The Kiss which is a famous Klimt painting and it is really awesome and my favorite painting now. I also went to the Kunsthistorches museum AGAIN to see the klimt exhibit that just opened. Klimt did a wall painting for them, but it is way up high in the museum, so they made some scaffolding
like platform and you got to go on it and see his paintings up close. It just opened so I ended up having to wait for 15 minutes, but it was cool seeing them.

I also went to the Natural history museum to see the rest of it and Faux was there!! I also got a picture of what the museum looks like on the outside and the Kunsthistorches looks exactly like it pretty much too. The rest of the natural history museum was a little disturbing with a ton of bottles of dead lizards and snakes and frogs and they had a TON of stuffed birds and lets just say my dream that night was not a pleasant one.

Yesterday I went to the institute and had dinner and they had this soup that you put noodles in and some pancake like things that were cut up and you put applesauce on and zucchini bread with apricot jam, I think, and chocolate on top. That was DELICIOUS! They put apricot jam on everything. I think they are bit obsessed with Jam. Gerda, my hostess, doesn't know a whole tone of English, but she was able to describe to me that american Marmalade is just orange flavored and everything else is jam and then in Austria, all the flavors are called Marmalade. I took a picture of all their jams and I guess if their is some sort of catastrophe that would make us eat food storage, we won't go hungry...

Also I made the best meal ever! It consisted of some pre-made schnitzel and tomato sauce on top of it and noodles on top of that...I miss the canon center! I also made some delicious crepes, but I don't know if I can really take credit for that, because anything completely lathered in nutella is automatically delicious.

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