Saturday, January 21, 2012

Die Muppets?

I saw this poster before in the U-Bahn station, but my Aly (my roommate) just pointed out today the Germans share the same opinion about muppets that we have...

I also took a picture of Fido who is the dog that lives here and is supposedly the guard dog, but I have yet to hear him bark and he loves to get attention. I asked the host guy what he was and all I remember is that he is part wolf and bobtail, whatever that is, but he is a medium sized dog.

I also thought the picture of Lance Armstrong was pretty epic so I took a picture of it. Also I thought it was interesting all of the advertisements that use part english...I wonder if there is some draw there or something. They have a ton of posters advertising for Grease so I decided to take a picture of one of those too. They even have a Travolta look alike!

It was a girl in our groups Birthday so we went out, but unfortunately it was snowing a ton and I asked the host guy if it snows here a lot and he said not really, so that surprised me. He was telling us this morning (we have breakfast every morning with them and he can just talk on forever) that they have a super bowl like thing, but it is skiing and there was so much snow that they could only do part of the race. So it must be a big snow year.
So we got hot dogs which are smaller baguettes that they cut the top off and stick through this nail thing that gives them a hole and they squirt ketchup in and stick the hot dog in. The hot dog tasted very similar, it just had tough skin kind of. It was pretty good and very filling.
I also got a picture with everyone except for the two couples weren't there and I think we are missing a girl possibly, besides the girl taking the picture.

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