Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viennese Church Anyone?

So I left an hour early for church and rode the U4 and then got off and ran in 4 inch heels to the 4A bus and then took it to the end and got to church about 5 minutes late. It was by far the coolest way I have ever gone to church though and I took a few pics on the way and all the buildings in Vienna look somewhat like these ones.

I went to the English speaking ward which was a pretty fair sized ward and most all of the people were either Asian or African and the rest were some Viennese person related to them.
It was funny, because the guy behind me was
obviously Viennese

and had a thick accent and must not have read English very well, because when he was singing he was pronouncing everything pretty differently.

For dinner we
found out that something was wrong with the stove and when it was at the hottest you could still rest your hand on it, so I first off tried making rice an
d failed then I had to try again with the hot water maker and for some reason that did not even work. So I had hard instant rice with seriously needed some salt and some room temperature vegetables. Normally I would not eat something like that, but I was so hungry that I just wanted to do anything to not be hungry.

I also saw a Mars bar yesterday and I have heard of them before, but never had one so I got it and had it today and it is the most delicious thing ever!!! Of course that probably has nothing t
o do with how how hungry I was...anyways, it was like a three musketeers with caramel.

Yesterday our host guy (one of these days I might even remember his real name)
he asked if we ate heck yes! so he quickly passed over the lindt chocolates. I think he thinks it's so ridiculous we don't dri
nk tea or alcohol or anything that he figured chocolate was right along with it. He even makes herbal tea for us in the morning and thankfully
Aly likes it, because I really do not.
Also just as a last hope if ANYONE of the human form is interested or knows anyone
that is interest in going to Paris sometime between April 7-15 that would be totally awesome! You would think out of a group of 17 people something would work out, but yeah. Anyways here's a few images to get you guys interested in Paris, in case you aren't quite sure what exists there...

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