Thursday, January 26, 2012

Violin Makers, Cathedrals and Operas

So I'm too lazy to switch all these photos in order so we'll start with the opera. I could have gone to a random orchestra rehearsal or pay $3 and see The Barber of Seville and that was by far more appealing. So
I finally got a chocolate croissant and it was DELICIOUS and we waited in line for about half an hour and then got our tickets and waited for the concert to start. We got standing room and after spending all day taking a walking tour of St. Stephens Cathedral and walking across Vienna pretty much, it was kind of painful standing there for three hours with just a rail to lean on, but it was so worth it. The music was amazing and I loved it! At the end all the actors come out of the actors entrance and I was expecting like a mob of people there, but all it was was a handful of old people that have books that have signaturs of actors way back. So we got our tickets signed and I got a picture with Juan Francisco Gatell who was the count. ^This is a link to a Mormon Ad video thing for this lady that we visited. It's darker, but it's there. I watched it a few weeks ago and was way excited to meet her. She has a violin shop and she showed us how she makes the violins. She also had a five string cello that I got to play, the cello was out of tune and it was bad, but the actual cello sounded so cool playing Bach with. She was a really cool lady and at one point was talking about Chinese instruments and was saying how they make them and why they generally sound not so good and I totally remember trying some Chinese cellos and thinking that same thing, so it was cool hearing someone say that had the same opinion as me about that.

I got a picture of her shop and her holding the five string cello. There was also this cool magic shop that I got a picture of.

I also found some cool buildings and streets on the way so i got some of those.

Finally, we went to St. Stephens for a walking tour class that I'm taking where we download this file to our ipods and listen to it as we go. So we went inside and it was the coolest thing ever, I've seen lots of pictures of cathedrals, but it is just so much cooler actually being in them. While we were there they were about to start a tour of the catacombs, so for
4.50 Euro we went and it was WAAAAY cool! I couldn't take a picture, but they had coffins of dead people and apparently it was a big deal to be buried under the church, so they had rooms full of dead bodies and they had bones laid out that you could see. Also, during the black plague 9,000 people died and they just threw the bodies down to this room and after awhile there was just too many bodies and stuff and they got people to move all the bones and put them in this room, so you could look inside this room filled with bones. Creepiest thing every and so worth 4.50.
Also I got pictures of an old church and some buildings from our tour and I even found the statue thing that is in the middle of the road that is on my cover picture thing on fb. I also found Alice's long lost twin. I don't think Vienna is the best place for dogs, since everyone pretty much lives in apartments, but there sure is a lot of them.

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