Thursday, January 19, 2012

I took a picture of when I first left and then when I made it to the here...I was waaay tire
d and slightly crazy.

I lucked out with the guy that sat next to me...he spoke very little english and his accent sounded like he was russian, but he said he was from England...I think he didn'
t understand my question when I asked where he was from. For about 8 hours I had the jelly thing that is for the ball of my foot, up in my heel...lets just say it made things funky. Finally I decided to fix it. The guy sitting next to me looked at me as if I was a terrorist as I was taking my boot off and pulling the jelly thing out.It's hard concentrating writing this as their is a little boy that is singing some song to the top of his lungs in a different language.
I was shaking nervous as I was boarding the plane, but when it landed in amsterdam and seeing all the lights I was way excited!
I had major issues getting my carry on in b/c the overheads were way small and I was one of the lasts to board the plane so the flight attendent found a spot which
got this foreign guy mad cuz it was his spot...whateves, finally got my bag on!
They fed us three meals and I took a picture of one and you can't see, but Tillamook cheese was part of it, so I didn't feel like I was really going anywhere. I didn't get any sleep, because first off I wasn't tired on the long flight since it wasn't past when I normally sleep and second off they kept playing awesome movies, so I was too distracted to consider sleeping. I don't think I've been on an airplane when it was night, but it was AWESOME. You could see the sunset and then lights of random cities as we flew over Canada. I also think I spotted the northern lights! or it could've been some clouds that seriously looked like them..either way it looked legit.
The Amsterdam flight was pretty much uneventful the lady that sat next to me was slovakian, but she lived in Canada. She started freaking out during turbulence, but thankfully we all landed in one piece. FYI never strive to be a flight attendent for the Amsterdam airport...they wear ugly tight bright blue outfits. My eyes are burning and my brain is confused why I'm so tired when it's light outside. But I'm in Vienna and it is awesome and more than what I imagined!

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