Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So I'm a bit off my game...it's been pretty crazy busy, but hey, I finally got it all up here.
I noticed the other morning when the radio was on that they kept mentioning presidential candidates. It went blah blah blah Mitt Romney blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah Gingrich blah blah blah blah blah North Carolina. The host guy told us what they were talking about and I thought it was pretty crazy that these people who lived all the way over here cared about who got elected that much. I felt pretty proud that I could vote at that moment.
Yesterday we had to go register with the country and pretty much just say that we are here and I passed by a lot of cool places so I took some pictures.

We passed this stairway and it must have led to an art museum, because they were depicting some art piece, because there was an advertisement with it next to it. At the place the guy in charge of us was talking about maternity leave and you get a certain amount of money that the country pays when you go and you can have it paid to you at certain amounts of time and you have up to two years where your job has to wait for you. He also was saying that it is pretty rare to find someone that has three kids and really really rare to find someone with more than that, because they don't get paid much here, because the difference between people who go to college and the people who don't isn't much and most families the mother works too. Also it's a bit crazy getting all your kids through public transport which everyone takes. Some people have found a convenient way of getting around though and the answer to that is called Razor Skooters. I don't know if they just got here, I've heard that they just got nerf guns, but I've seen a ton of them and mainly adults who used them.
I also got my cello from this guy that lived in this awesome flat. A lot of people live in apartments and from the ones I've been in they've been pretty big and the ceilings are tall. This guy had two stories and a room with ton of awesome instruments that he repaired and rented or sold. We had to take a street car there and it had wooden seats and totally reminded me of being in a roller coaster...it went pretty fast and I was waiting it to take a dive.
I also got a picture of me and my cool new accessory. I also finally made it to McyD's and after a bit of confusion I found out that they have a whole different counter for hot chocolate and such and they have a few different types of hot chocolate, so I'm definitely going to have to try that out.

I think I should let this made known that actually I did not come to Vienna to learn music, but rather to open my own boutique and I also got a picture of it's awesomeness.
I also went to the Academic Orchestra of Vienna and was surprised to find that none of them were students..."Academic"? They were all older folks who still wanted to play, but didn't do it professionally and I was surprised how good they were for not doing it all the time, but they still weren't PYP...I'm gonna miss that one...kinda.
I also saw a few of those stars things that they just have all around the city and on my way to orchestra I saw a few of my favs. They also had a few cool buildings that are just massive and the pictures definitely do not do them justice.
Finally I also got a picture of my new best friend. I don't know who made it, because it doesn't have a sticker inside and I think it might have been the guy, because he said it was made a little bit bigger to fit him. (Even though the guy didn't seem that big to me) I don't really notice the difference.

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