Thursday, March 1, 2012

You can't lose track of time in a clock museum...

I went to the Imperial library, which is the oldest library in the world and if it looks familiar that is because the guy who creates what the sets look like in Disney movies bases it off sometimes on real places and the library in Beauty and the Beast was based off this. It was huge and beautiful! It had two levels with cool spiral staircases leading to the second floor and it was just really cool with all the old books. It had an ugly fresco ceiling in my opinion and thankfully that was not a part of the movie.

I also went to a clock museum where they had small clocks and this cool globe one where you moved it and it told you what time it was where you were looking. There was also a bike one that I think my parents would be partial for.

I also went to the oldest bakery in Vienna and got the most delicious croissant I have ever had with creamy chocolate inside it...I can't wait til I go to Paris and hopefully find a croissant that surpasses it!

Finally, I also went iceskating again and got some more pictures. It was less exciting than the first time, because I ended up getting there early and it was still light outside. It also has been pretty sunny, so the ice has melted and then all the water kind of went downhill and then it freezes and so now it was really hilly and I wanted to go iceskating...not downhill skiing. It was also annoying, because this lady totally ran into me and we both almost wiped out and she just started yelling at me in german which was totally annoying, because first off I had no idea what the crap she was saying and second, she ran into ME in the first place. On the U-Bahn on the way home I also lost my balance and pretty much completely fell sprawled out on a lady, but she thankfully had a better humor about it and by the time I got home and emptied my pockets I found I had the card for iceskating still in my pocket and they give you 2 Euro for and so I spent the next hour and a half going back and getting my two was an eventful afternoon.

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