Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Apostle, a Dead Composer and a Modern Art Museum

So D. Todd Christofferson came here to Vienna and he did a fireside for the Young Single Adults and I got there 4 hours early and got second row, so that was pretty sweet. He gave a good talk and there was a lot of German speakers before him and I really liked this other ladies talk, but I forgot her name.

After hours of playing it on the subway and 75 games...I finally conquered solitaire and it was amazing!

I also went to see Mahler's grave and there was some pretty sweet graves there. All of them had big headstones and either a little grass garden on top or a couple stones to cover it. I was thinking I could just search around a little and find it, but I soon came to find out exactly how many graves there were! Thankfully there was a map that had his grave on it and I found it along with his wife's that died 50 years after him. Her's is the darker one and she was Alma Mahler and then I got his grave and then proof that I was there to witness his plot.

I went to a Modern Art Museum afterwards called the MUMOK. It was pretty cool and had a "wall of sleep." It also had some of Jasper Johns work which I learned about him in art last year. His is the grey one that slightly resembles the American flag.

There was also a lot of work with this one guy that made giant everyday objects, such as vacuums, but you can't really tell how giant they are from my pictures...sadly. He also had a giant cigarette tray which pretty much sums up all of Europe. Anyways it was all pretty awesome and I also got my Hunger Games tickets, which I don't think it was very necessary to get them this early, because the lady said they weren't really expecting them to sell out soon, but I'm very excited! I also got some yummy cheap pizza.

On Sunday I taught a primary class of 7 year olds and there were just three, but they were pretty cute. All I had was pictures on my computer for visual aid, but that got there attention enough. One of them had a British accent and for some reason it just cracks me up hearing him talk, so I had to try hard not to. At the beginning I asked if they knew any German and they all said they did, but I really didn't need to ask, because they would talk to each other in German as much as in English.

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