Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last Rehearsal

Today was my last rehearsal with the Folks Orchestra and it was fun/sad. I have found that I hate saying goodbyes and I was thinking that I would just not mention that I would not be back again, but it got out and now I miss it already.

I got a picture with Karl who is 100 years old in a few weeks and he trades off from the accordion to the cello and he has taught me quite a bit for never having said a single word to me in English, but plenty of German that I just smile and nod my head to. He must think I'm either a blithering idiot or the coolest chick he's ever played cello with...I'm guessing it's the later. Anyways, I hope there is an orchestra like that when I get to be 100 which I now have all intentions to get to. I have learned that it doesn't take much, just to be able to make good friends and play lots of good music and to add a couple good glissandos or improvisations whenever the situation calls for it, which for Karl it must call ALL the time. I didn't want to mention this and hopefully no future judges of things that I audition for read this, but yeah, Karl also was quite a bit better at playing than I was, but hey he has like 80 years on me.

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  1. Lucky! I want to play with a 100 year old accordion man. That is so awesome that you had this experience. I'm really jealous.