Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oldest Zoo in the World

I went on the 7th walking tour and on it I saw the art school that denied Hitler when that was what his great aspirations were. I went inside and their was a gallery and I declared that I was 18 and I got in free...I'm gonna miss that! It was a boring gallery though.

I also went to the belvedere, again, on it and there was these steps and I almost died as I was stepping down and there was this epic slide thing in the middle...wish I was there when it was snowing and with a sled.

The last building is the Russian embassy. I thought it was pretty cool.

The last pictures are of the Tiergarten zoo which is on the same property as Schonbrunn and it is the oldest zoo in the world and it was totally awesome! There was tons of different animals and I was too lazy to put ALL the pictures I got, but it was a lot of fun going. You could see the animals real close and I got a couple videos of the penguins. One was when there was an announcement and the penguin is very confused/freaked out and the other is when they took the food out and all the penguins are running to go get it.

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