Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decomposing Composers

I went to Central Friedhof with ma roommate and we saw Beethoven's grave along with Shuperts of which I have been dying to see after hearing the story about Shupert's great admiration of Beethoven and how he followed him everywhere, but never got up the nerve to talk with him and he ended up asking to be buried next to him. I remember seeing a picture of Beethoven's grave a long time ago, so it was just really awesome seeing it in person. I also saw a lot of Strauss's and Shonberg's and a memorial for Mozart between Beethoven and Shuperts, but of course he's buried in a mass grave somewhere else in Vienna, so we think it's just so tourist's think they've seen it all when they go there.

I also managed to get a picture of my new ride...yeah it's stepped up a bit from the U-bahn.

Yesterday I went to this concert in a church and it had amazing accoustics and musicians and it was Vivaldi's four seasons and they also played Bach's Air. It was AMAZING! I got a second row seat and it was one of those concerts where you feel like five minutes just went by and then suddenly everyone is clapping and leaving. I also went to a Ballet the night before and it was 5 smaller ballets by Balanchine and Robbins and they were pretty cool. Sadly my favorite was the first one, so I kept expecting something as good or better, but the first one was the best so I was slightly disappointed by the rest.

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