Saturday, March 31, 2012


We went back to Venice for one night and I just wandered around with some girls and I bought a really cool bracelet and my only real souvenir besides tons of stickers for my cello case and netbook. There was a cool juggler/unicyclest street performer.
I have heard of people getting pooped on by birds, but I always thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever like why don't you just move out of the way!? I found out today as I was walking through a passageway and out of NOWHERE a shower of bird poop fell and it was in prime position to get ALL over me! It was sooo disgusting and got all over my pants and shoes!! I thankfully had a tide pen, but a whole bottle of it would not be able to help me, especially since I was wearing red pants, so yeah, I spent my last day in Italy with bird poop all over my pants.
We also saw a lady fall in the water and I think the best way to describe that water as a girl said here, it's the color of the water that you use to paint with watercolors, so yeah she was not so happy.
I had another lobster tail and it had really good filling in it, so it is possible! I got my last Italian pizza for lunch and then for dinner I got a pasta with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce on it. It was really good and after that I decided to end my Italian gelato consumption with a bang, so I got a giant waffle cone with three scoops of gelato in it. It was delicious with carmel, nutella and cookies gelato. I'm going to miss Italy and it's delicous food and especially Venice and it's completely picturesque scenery, but I'm so glad I was able to experience it!

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