Sunday, March 11, 2012

Living in a Bathroom

Thursday night I went to the opera and saw Simon Boccanegra and I sadly wasn't that impressed, but that most likely is because I just saw Carmen, which was amazing. Sadly the next day I got a terrible stomach flu and was taking a nap, but I guess I should be glad, because I did not have much planned for that day anyways. Then the next day I saw the Spanish Riding School perform and I got a pic of their arena place. They were pretty cool and doing all these tricks like going sideways or trotting/dancing with the music and this one horse could get up on it's hind legs with a rider on it's back and hop on it's back was pretty cool and I'm sure very scary for the rider that had no stirrups.

On Sunday after taking a shower and leaving I realized that the lock had different intentions for me...I kept trying to turn it and it would not go and finally my roommate came along and found out my dilemma and she ran for help and after Gerda tried screwing it and whatever, she went and got Michael who happened to still be in bed. He was still in a bathrobe when he started trying to do all this random stuff including pry it open with a wrench and finally he pulled out the big guns and got a saw thing and as Aly described it, it was like the fourth of july and sparks were flying everywhere. I almost died, but thankfully after an hour and a half I was freed! It's especially good that it happened today and not Wednesday, because I'll be the only one home Tuesday night and Wednesday and it's metal and not a door you can just kick out and I would be stuck there for a VERY long time, but as our hosts put it, "atleast you'd have water."

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