Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama Mia!

The title is what actually this lady said to us on the Metro as she was really hot and sweaty, so apparently they actually do say that. So in Milan I went and saw this Verdi retirement home place that Verdi built, because he was fabulously rich and it is for musicians that have no where else to go and it holds 55 residents and 16 are younger students. I also saw his grave there. I also decided that when I get old enough I am going to somehow have no where else to go and live there, because I really don't want to live in an old people place and this place is always filled with music and they have people come and perform for them and the only time there isn't music is before a funeral of one of the residents.
I also went to the place where the last supper is and you have to reserve tickets and there were six that were sold back and so we were going to get them, but we took too long figuring out how we were going to do it with a group of ten and so they were sold in that time. It was a little sad, but someone told us tickets were like 80 Euro, so I wasn't expecting to see it anyways and I doubt it was life changing.
We went to this really cool castle that has a musical instrument museum in it and it had a Michaelangelo statue that was his last one and it wasn't done before he died.
We went to this, I think Cathedral, called the Duomo and it was really big and we also climbed the stairs to the top and it was really cool, because you were right there next to the architecture and also seeing all of the city. We went and got some calzones afterwards and then this delicous gelato place that poared chocolate in the cone before the gelato and it was amazing and I went back to get another one later. The chocolate was like half melty half hard when you get to it.
After that we walked around trying to figure out what museum to go to and it was all a bust and finally I went and got some dinner of a salad at Mcdonalds and it was called a minisalad, but it was pretty big and they give you olive oil and a vial of vinegar dressing and some breadsticks and it was pretty good. We then went to this mall place where you spun around for luck on this bull and we were there for about five minutes and so many people came in that time to do it including some olds ladies and guys in suites and everything.
I am SOOOO tired! I feel like we really rushed through Milan, but I wouldn't want to spend more time here, because I don't think I missed that much. I really loved Venice the most, because this doesn't have as much old architecture as Venice or Vienna. It makes it a different atmosphere.

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