Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We took a train to Padua and I took zero pictures there. If everyone wasn't talking in Italian, I would've totally thought we were somewhere in America, because all the cool old european architecture was not present. There was some cool public displays, because apparently when you graduate from college your friends dress you up in weird outfits and you stand in the square in front of your school and get flour thrown at you and you drink as you read your life story that your friends made. It was odd, but cool and I got some gelato and also saw this chapel that we got to see after we decompressed for fifteen minutes. One of the frescos I totally studied in music 201 and so that was pretty awesome, but that was it for padua and we made our way over to Milan which I also was not that much impressed with and didn't have a lot of cool architecture. We also are staying in a hostel that is on the grounds of a mental institution and there are 3 ambulances in the parking lot and the building looked very ghetto. There also was a guy that stuck his head out the top window and was slightly creepy and was talking to us and there was another creepy guy walking along and let's just say I was inwardly freaking out a little, but once we got in and some girl mentioned how our room looks like madeleine I felt a ton better and it really does. We left and there is a cool square with a cathedral called duomo, I think, and it was big and cool and we sat down in this restaurant and I was there for a couple minutes before I realized that it was covered in porsche memorobilia and I seriously was just talking with this guy an hour before about how my ultimate goal in life is owning a Porsche. I also shared two meals with this girl so I got some very delicious pasta and pizza and I felt like it couldn't get any better, but then my favorite song came on and it was just a good moment. We got some milkshakes at Mcy D's and now I am fully caught up on my blog.

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