Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So we left at 8:40 on a night train to Venice and it was surprisingly not too bad, atleast for me, a lot of people were complaining about the beds being uncomfortable. It felt like a morgue, because we were all stacked up, but it was nice b/c the beds folded into a couch so we could just sit and it was a lot of fun. When we got to Italy we checked into our hotel and we had a free day. So I went with some girls and got a boat pass and we rode it around it just the city is SO cool! We went inside this church and then we wandered and then we went up into this other church's bell tower and it was so cool seeing the view from above and all the canals. Then we went to Murano (another island) and we went to this glass museum which I think was an utter waste of 5 Euro and I think after Vienna I am just especially tired of museums. I then had some delicious gelato, which I was not really impressed with gelato until I had that one and it was called cookies and tasted really good.. I also had some banana gelato in the morning and it looked a little grey and gross, but it was also pretty good. I thought it was a bit ridiculous that I had two scoops of gelato in one day, but apparently some girls in my group went 7 times for gelato and had 12 scoops in all....I don't feel so bad anymore...I also had spaghetti for dinner and the noodles were not as cooked as I am used to and it was pretty good. I'm glad we ended up coming here and it is all just really cool and picturesque. In the morning the next day I decided to wander to Mcdonalds and when I finally got there it came up by surprise and I had to cross the street...which btw is all pedestrians, because all they have here is boats and feet for transportation and the time I went everyone was out going to work and school. So I awkwardly crossed the street and then I had to awkwardly walk away as it doesn't open until 10:00!! So I was forced to being cool and going to a bakery and then forced to get a warm apricot filled croissant and then forced to love it's delicious goodness.

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